How Do I Burn DVDs? Copy Your Favorite Movies in Minutes!

These days it is becoming more and more expensive to own your own movies at home. It is however becoming easier to have a great home theater system and enjoy your favorite movie in the privacy of your own home.

The common technology format nowadays are Dvds and if you are like me you've got plenty of them! It seems like I never can refrain myself when I see a new release while walking through the store and end up breaking down and buying it. If it isn't me it's the wife or the kids and we seem to collect just about everything that makes it's way to the store shelves.

What irritates me the worst about it is though, is when one of the kids, animals, or neighbors scratches and/or breaks my favorite Dvd! We've all been there and you hate to get mad, but after spending $30 on the newest release, it is down right frustrating.

So what I decided to do was check out how to burn Dvds, because if I can make back-up copies of my Cds why not my Dvds? I asked around quite a bit with the common question, "How do I burn Dvds?" but didn't get much response. And, I have a feeling you are in the same situation! Let me let you in on a few secrets.

Burning your Dvds is painless! If you are familiar with computers at all I'm sure you've made your own audio Cds and duplicating Dvds is just as easy. There are a few good programs out there than can read and re-write in no time and in minutes you've got an exact duplicate of your original Dvd!

Keep in mind though, that a lot of Dvds are copyright protected and this can be a big problem. No one wants to buy software that they can't use to burn their Dvds, because they're back to the same qeustion. How do I burn Dvds? Make sure that you read the product descriptions very carefully so that they can in fact burn Dvds even if they are copyrighted.

One last thing to keep in mind. When you burn your own Dvds, you want to buy the best blank Dvds available. Not necessarily the most expensive, but some that have a very large memory capacity so you can put the entire Dvd on one disc and keep it's crisp audio/visual qualities. Whatever you do, enjoy your home theater and if you are fed up with replacing expensive Dvds, learn how to burn your own Dvds!

Did you know that the average cost of a new release Dvd is $29.95 and for less than that price you can make copies of all your collection and never have to replace one again? I use an awesome program to make back-ups that you can read more about at my site by Clicking Here.