DVD Business: Why DVDs Make Great Sellers

The DVD business can be very lucrative because customers are buying DVDs on impulse, for entertainment, and as gifts.

Compound the above reasons with the high perceived value of DVDs, and you can see why itís such a profitable business.

By understanding each reason you will be able to make money in the DVD business.

DVD Business Reason #1

DVDs are bought on impulse. When ever a low priced item is offered to customers, and when that item can offer an immediate benefit to the customer, it makes a great impulse item.

DVDs meet both criteria because they can be sold at a low price, and offer an immediate benefit to the customer.

As soon as the customer gets home he can insert the DVD into his DVD player and start enjoying it.

To capture DVD impulse sales you need to price your DVDs at below standard prices. Your goal is for the customer to make a quick purchase because he can instantly recognize the price savings being offered.

DVD Business Reason #2

DVDs offer a high level of entertainment value. Think of what a DVD movie can offer a customer. Besides the obvious enjoyment of the movie, the customer can watch extra scenes such as bloopers, alternate endings, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes footage.

There are other uses such as using the DVD to create a social gathering, watching the DVD on a date instead of going to a movie, or having the DVD play on a long trip.

The premise behind this reason is that the entertainment value of the DVD is pretty good, so customers will a solid reason for purchasing it.

DVD Business Reason #3

DVDs make excellent gifts. They are easy to buy, easy to select, easy to wrap, and easy to deliver.

Even if the gift giver doesnít know the exact tastes of the receiver, he can estimate what type of a movie he would like.

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