Convey A Better Image with Engraved Business Cards

Engraved business cards appear luxurious and elegant. If you want to convey a sense of your company being head and shoulders above the competition, look into buying some engraved business cards. These cards will surely show your prospective clients that you care about everything–even the smallest details. Compared to your standard glossy card, these engraved business cards will do a great job in setting your business apart from the others. Not many businesses will go the extra expense, so when you do, you know the image you will be projecting will be tops. In today's "cut throat" business world, every extra edge you can gain will be that much more to the bottom line.

There are advantages and disadvantages to engraved business cards. One advantage of engraved business cards is the look and the feel. These cards, simply put, look and feel like ones that would come from a profitable firm. The paper is very high stock, and the engraved look really stands out in a group of other cards. You have the option of choosing which parts of the card you want engraved, and which parts you want to leave alone. Often companies will only engrave the company name in order to make it stand out. Though it is not common, some companies do engrave the entire card.

The main disadvantage is the price of these engraved cards. Due to the fact that it takes a special process to produce engraved business cards, the price will be driven up quite a bit. You need to decide how important conveying a good business image is. Especially if you are a small firm, this could be the "make or break" part of a business deal.

Though it is not necessary to buy engraved business cards, it may be worth your time and money to try some out. Buy a few to start and see what kind of response you get. You may be surprised to find out that these cards will garner a higher response rate at whatever yo are promoting. Engraved business cards definitely stand out in a sea of cards. Contact your regular printer for a price quote; if they do not offer this service, there are plenty of companies who will be able to accommodate your needs. It never hurts to try out a new technique that could improve business. Everyone, large and small businesses could use that extra advantage. I'm not sure if they do engraved cards, but one of the best online business card printers is Vistaprints.

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