Birthday Cards

A birthday card is a card with illustrations and contains a special message for the celebrator. The card usually comes with an envelope. Birthday cards show messages related to the work place, family life, spiritual life, cultural influences, positive outlook on aging and more. There are special cards that do not have messages written inside, allowing people to write their own message.


Statistics show that birthday cards cover 62 percent of the greeting card industry. It is estimated that over 1.2 billion birthday cards are sent out every year. A company alone produces more than half a billion birthday cards each year, and there are thousands of different greeting card companies, big and small. Approximately there are about 5 billion people celebrating their birthdays in the United States of America alone, which estimate that there are about 700,000 birthdays on the average occurring everyday. And studies show that an American receives about eight birthday cards for each birthday. Calculating the numbers, it means that approximately 5.6 million birthday cards are sent out each day just in the United States of America. August is recorded as the month when Americans celebrate the most birthdays, attributing to 9.07 percent or about 21 million, followed by July with 8.80 percent. Studies show that about 70 percent of the people would write additional messages into the card to give it a personalized touch. About one-fourth of the birthday cards sent are given to friends, and about two-thirds are mailed.

Changing Times

Nowadays, birthday cards, or any other greeting cards are no longer limited to physical cards. E-cards are great alternatives and are increasing in popularity. As long as the sender has an internet connection, he has free access to e-cards, anytime, anywhere.

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